The Rescue Flotilla

Remember the good ol’ days when I used to rant on here? Rants with lots of random all caps, bad spelling and various typos?

Ah. Yes. Good Times.


I was going to write a long post that listed all the things that irritate me about marriage and wedding days in particular but then I got too angry.

Then I actively fought with my sweetie (The ex wisely refused to rise to the bait)

Then I got tired so I gave up on the list.

So here’s a little quick drawing I did for Design For Kashmir (They will sell prints to aid the relief effort for the flooding in Kashmir)

First time I’ve tried this technique. I’ve trying to speed up my process a bit.

So I thought I’d try something new I’ve been thinking about since here. Trying black and white / pencil illustration and then digital colour.

Foz (my old MA Tutor always complained my speed was poor) so now that I’ve honed up my digital skills over the years I figured I had the chops to colour in a black and white image properly.

While I appreciate the speed of pencil I think I’d use hard pencils in future to tighten up the lines more and prevent the page getting so grubby.

But I like how soft it came out. Lending itself well to a softer colour palette than my usual.

Buy prints here: Any prints sold will go towards aid relief.





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