New Work: Bucket Bath


Bucket Bath: Acrylic & Ballpen on paper,

58.4 x 84.1 cm

See website link for more (sidebar link)


14 thoughts on “New Work: Bucket Bath

  1. I think your “depthless” style pays off here, especially where the myriad of colorful creatures in the deep reside. If there’s a discordant note remaining, it’s perhaps in the “Eyes Wide Shut”-like implications of your bird-masked beings (I’m sure some of them, in your previous work, are actual birdman chimaeras, but these look like masked revelers): they don’t quite look content, constricted as they are in those pails. Tho I suppose the pails are a whimsical touch, with the bathing implements somehow ‘floating’ solidly on the dimensionless depths of the sea. The lone rubber duckie is a nice touch.

    If I were inclined to be perverse, I might hint that the free-thronging marine creatures represent some signal from your womanly netherworld– perhaps your eggs urging Janine’s subconscious mind to plumb her depths? Casting aside the mask of androgyny and breaking through that tight little window and allowing– omg Janine WHAT DO THOSE LIGHTBULBS REPRESENT??!!!?? OMG JANINE THEY’RE SWIMMING INTO YOUR DEPTHS WUT IS GOING ON HERE WHAT DUZ IT MEANNNNN??!!!!!???

    bhahahaha omg I didn’t even see that coming. Ask Dr. Freud and ye shall receive, indeed

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