Shit Just Got Real


Ok, I’ll make this brief.

I’m having a art show in Mumbai.

Who knew it would happen?

I put an appeal out on Facebook and ye gods delivered.

I’m nervous, nauseated, panicked and seeing my name repeated over and over in the third person troubles me deeply. (Even though I harbour secret desires to be more like Filipé from this year’s Apprentice, who refers to himself in third person in normal conversation.)

If you happen to be in Mumbai, please do come and drop by.

Opens: December 24th  4 – 9pm, at  Sitara Studio
Continues: 25-26th  12 – 9pm

Event link here & Press Stuff here


16 thoughts on “Shit Just Got Real

    • haha I’ll do a follow up post shortly. I should post the photos in the fb event page (i think i might have done)

      I dont know about reviews: no one reviews small art shows but people wrote and recommended it (timeout, some papers, blogs,) which was nice

      • oh REALLY?? . . . .

        I was half-teasing, but you’ll have to spill a bit.

        –I thought you were a “Bombay” person, btw? In the Anglosphere, all our maps read “Mumbai” now, but I thought that was actually considered déclassé in Bom/bai itself. Rather like the PC idiots who insist on calling Eskimos “Inuits” even though Eskimos don’t answer to the term and the actual Inuits live a thousand miles away from all the Eskimos.

        But anyway: so what kind of pickup lines do Mumbay lezzies trot out on one another anyhow?

        Then, in exchange, I’ll give you my heartshattering advice on what happens when your one huge art show never leads to followup success and you live out your life in poverty and obscurity. True story

        • haha no of course not. it was just an art show with lots of art chat and i know nothing of the scene and frankly all this chatting was damn exhausting. There were sadly no lines also I wouldnt be able to spot it if there were any.

          I prefer saying Bombay. No one says mumbai except at airports

          now give me that heartshattering story/advice/packet of lies.

          • Well, I hadn’t forgotten but I’ve been busy. I browsed your facebook gallery, which was amusing. Are the benches in the middle of the floor always there, or was that styled for your show?

            Go ahead and do the aftershow write-up, and I’ll get out my sad little violin and sing you a tune about the hardships of Art. Though the melody is probably familiar . . .

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