Hipster Art Trends I’ve Noted Of Late

Birds (Specifically Swallows. As covered by Portlandia’s excellent sketch “Put a bird on it!”)


Moustaches on objects (tea cups, mugs, necklaces, etc)



Cute animals riding cute bicycles painted in cute watercolours

Beards. Drawings of beards, Photos of beards. Just beards.

Twee florals

Animal heads created using polygon shapes in bright pastel colours in illustrator with a subtle grain or texture applied

Twee florals on beards

Pastel colours

Cross bar logos

Eccentric titles

‘Cups of tea’

Hand written text

Photographs of pieces of paper with random words in calligraphic type photographed next to an old camera and or a fountain pen then posted on Instagram with an old-timey filter

Anything vaguely ‘old-timey’

Glasses with thick rims

Pictures of hands slightly soft focussed, by a rich wood table or other outdoorsy type aspirational image

Photos of young American men with their backs to the camera in some misty woodland type area dressed like Lumberjacks to evoke that Fleet Foxes lifestyle

Drawings of animals wearing hipster glasses, done in ink outlines with watercolour

Hand painted chalk signboards

Brush painted quotes in black thick ink on any old object. Then photographed. Some pun ideally involved.

Pugs. Just pugs, painted in cute watercolours on white paper saying cute things like “I like you”

Anything cute, painted in a cute way, just so it’s extra cute.

Faux naive typography, saying inspirational quotes, then posted on Instagram like “Never let anyone hold you down – Dalai Lama”

Drawing nothing that will very challenge the viewer but that will gently conform to type.

Geometric shapes in bright colours, floating on backgrounds

Type set in a neat grid

Random bits of text on plain backgrounds e.g. “Eat well, travel often”

Faux friendly packaging text

Faux Friendly anything, desperately making software try to be your buddy.

Posters listing pop-culture items e.g. Vector illustrations of all the Ships in Sci-fi movies from the 80’s or 8-bit characters from Star Wars. “Buy the Poster!”

Moody portraits of Bill Murray from various movies or other pop-cult heroes

Re-creations of Disney princesses with one element changed.
E.g. Male Disney Princesses, Modern Disney Princesses, Disney versions of 50 Shades of Grey, Anorexic Disney Princess etcetera etcetera ad infinitum.
These will trend on Fuzzfeed, Artwhore or BoredBear or some similar type of site, and then finally be regurgitated all over Facebook.

Photographs of carefully arranged tables shot from above. Everything laid out just so & colour coordinated of course.

There is a part of me that wants to do all these things on one giant sheet and then sell it on Etsy.



18 thoughts on “Hipster Art Trends I’ve Noted Of Late

  1. “Re-creations of Disney princesses with one element changed.
    E.g. Male Disney Princesses, Modern Disney Princesses, Disney versions of 50 Shades of Grey, Anorexic Disney Princess etcetera etcetera ad infinitum.”

    Janine Janine Janine . . . you forgot the ne plus ultra of “Re-creations of Disney princesses with one element changed” and the surest sign of the impending apocalypse: TATTOOED DISNEY PRINCESS

    • you are very correct. but there are so many variations of this trope that it would need its very own post to list them. There is of course the obvious, hipster disney princesses. that happened

      • Well, there’s the one guy who did Tattooed Disney Princess, and then there were the imitators who added their own Tattooed Disney Princess.

        There’s also the Tattooed Porcelaine Figureine thing. And the dude who does “art” (I think this is on Behance, actually) of Tattooed Mother Theresa, and Tattooed Princess Diana, etc.

        But Janine, darling, aren’t most of these hipster trends you’re noting “of late”, ahem, kinda several-years-old already?

        Maybe it’s just the scales lifting from your world-weary eyes, or perhaps you’ve been wearing hipster shades a shade or two too dark to notice all the hipsters who surround you?

  2. Hi there! I just wanted to leave a comment to notify you that I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, because I think your blog is absolutely amazing! You can take a look at my last blogpost to see what it is you have to do 🙂

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